Tara Murphy

BSc Adv Syd PhD Edinburgh

Senior Lecturer

SIT Building J12, Room 448
(Cnr Cleveland St and City Rd)
P: +61 2 9351 4723
F: +61 2 9351 3838
E: tara dot murphy AT sydney DOT edu DOT au
URL http://www.it.usyd.edu.au/~tm

Research interests

Radio astronomy, algorithms for transient source detection, next generation radio telescopes, scientific literature mining.

Selected publications

The following list is a selection from publications

  • Nothman J., Radford W., Ringland N., Murphy T., Curran J. R. (2012) Learning multilingual named entity recognition from Wikipedia, Artificial Intelligence, to appear.
  • Hancock P. J., Murphy T., Gaensler B. M., Hopkins A., Curran J. R. (2012) Compact continuum source-finding for next generation radio surveys, PASA, to appear.
  • Hancock P. J., Gaensler B. M., Murphy T. (2011) Visibility Stacking in the Quest for Type Ia Supernova Radio Emission, ApJ, 735, 35
  • Bannister K., Murphy T., Gaensler B. M., Hunstead R. W., Chatterjee S. (2010) A 22-year Southern Sky Survey for Transient and Variable Radio Sources using the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope, MNRAS, 412, 634
  • Murphy, T., Cohen, M., Ekers, R. D., Green, A. J., Wark R. M, and Moss, V. (2010) Ultra- and hyper-compact HII regions at 20 GHz, MNRAS, 405, 1560
  • Murphy T., Sadler E. M., Ekers R. D., Massardi M., Hancock P. J., Mahony E., Ricci R. and the AT20G team (2010) The Australia Telescope 20 GHz Survey: The Source Catalogue, MNRAS, 402, 2403

Units of study taught

INFO1903 Informatics (Adv)
ENGG1801 Engineering Computing
COSC1001 Computational Science in MATLAB
COSC1002 Computational Science in C