Weidong (Tom) Cai

Associate Professor
Biomedical & Multimedia Info. Tech. (BMIT) Research Group

SIT Building J12, Room 3E-344
(Cnr Cleveland St and City Rd)
P: +61 2 9351 3271
F: +61 2 9351 3838
E: tom dot cai at sydney dot edu dot au
URL http://www.sydney.edu.au/it/~tomc

Research interests

Visual Media Processing and Retrieval; Medical Image Analysis; Big Data Mining; Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition; Bioinformatics; Computational Neuroscience.

Selected publications

The following list is a selection from recent publications:

  • Y Song, W Cai, H Huang, Y Zhou, D Feng, Y Wang, M Fulham, M Chen. Large Margin Local Estimate with Applications to Medical Image Classification. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, accepted to appear.
  • S Q Liu, S Liu, W Cai, H Che, S Pujol, R Kikinis, D Feng, M Fulham, ADNI. Multi-Modal Neuroimaging Feature Learning for Multi-Class Diagnosis of Alzheimers's Disease. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, accepted to appear.
  • Y Song, W Cai, H Huang, X Wang, Y Zhou, M Fulham, D Feng. Lesion Detection and Characterization with Context Driven Approximation in Thoracic FDG PET-CT Images of NSCLC Studies. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 33(2):408-421, 2014.
  • F Zhang, Y Song, W Cai, M-Z Lee, Y Zhou, H Huang, S Shan, M Fulham, D Feng. Lung Nodule Classification with Multi-Level Patch-based Context Analysis. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 61(4):1155-1166, 2014.
  • S Liu, W Cai, L Wen, D Feng, S Pujol, R Kikinis, M Fulham, S Eberl, ADNI. Multi-Channel Neurodegenerative Pattern Analysis and Its Application in Alzheimer's Disease Characterization. Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, 38:436-444, 2014.
  • Y Song, W Cai, Y Zhou, D Feng. Feature-based Image Patch Approximation for Lung Tissue Classification. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 32(4):797-808, 2013.
  • Y Song, W Cai, H Huang, Y Wang, D Feng, M Chen. Region-based Progressive Localization of Cell Nuclei in Microscopic Images with Data Adaptive Modeling. BMC Bioinformatics, 26(6):1025-1039, 2013.
  • Y Song, W Cai, J Kim, D Feng. A Multi-Stage Discriminative Model for Tumor and Lymph Node Detection in Thoracic Images. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 31(5):1061-1075, 2012.
  • W Deng, J Hu, J Guo, W Cai, D Feng. Emulating Biological Strategies for Uncontrolled Face Recognition. Pattern Recognition, 43(6):2210-2223, 2010.
  • W Deng, J Hu, J Guo, W Cai, D Feng. Robust, Accurate and Efficient Face Recognition from a Single Training Image: An Uniform Pursuit Approach. Pattern Recognition, 43(5):1748-1762, 2010.

Units of study taught

Digital Media; Digital Multimedia Fundamentals; Graphics and Multimedia; Information Technology in Biomedicine; IT Research Methods; Java Programming; Major Development Project; Mobile Computing; Multimedia Authoring and Production; Multimedia Computing and Processing; Object-Oriented Systems; Scientific Visualization; Software Development; Software Development Project; Software Engineering Project.