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Digital Ecosystems for Collaborative Learning: Embedding Personal and Collaborative Devices to Support Classrooms of the Future is an International Workshop to be held in conjunction with The International Conference on Learning Sciences (ICLS 2012).

This workshop will offer a venue to discuss how to develop novel technology into supportive tools and intelligent mediators between peers’ activity to build the classroom of the future. We will discuss the role of technology and its limitations along with the roles of teachers and students. The workshop will give participants the opportunity to experience such a classroom, share their work, discuss practical challenges and define an agenda for future work. Participants will be asked to complete a number of simple tasks that involve sharing experiences, collaborating and discussing with other participants aided by interactive surfaces. To take part, apply at: . We invite researchers, educators, designers, ethnographers and computer scientists who explore, build, or work with educational technology that provides support to students and teachers in the classroom.

This workshop will showcase a classroom enhanced with multi-touch interactive tabletops, tablets and digital whiteboards to support participants’ discussions. We will present recent developments in the field of computer science and the exciting problems that students can work towards.

The submission of a position paper of up to 4 pages is recommended.. This may describe their current or intended work to enhance collaboration at the classroom with multi-user or augmented spatial designs. Their paper should include the following elements: (1) research interests; (2) theoretical perspective about collaborative learning; (3) technology experiences or interests; (4) methodological experiences or interests; (5) any specific goals for this workshop listed below.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions. We look forward to receiving your applications through the website.

Monday 2 July 9am to 5pm
Contact Roberto Martinez.
Location School of Information Technologies, the University of Sydney