In the Faculty of Engineering and IT, candidates are given a maximum of 4 years to complete a PhD and 2 years to complete an MSc degree. Submission of a PhD thesis is possible after 3 years (or earlier with permission). A number of students in recent years have submitted in under 3.5 years.

HECS : currently exempt for 7 semesters PhD (full-time); 4 semesters MSc (full-time). The HECS liability is calculated per semester where the census dates are 31 March and 31 August each year. Thus, if for example you submit your thesis in October, you are still liable for a full semester.

Government Research Funding White Paper : The School is funded on the basis of PhD completions within 4 years and MSc (Research) completions within 2 years. There is a University-wide effort to ensure that all research degrees are complete within these time limits, and two important documents were prepared by the University after wide consultation regarding management of postgraduate candidatures. These documents were circulated to all supervisors in the School: Research Training Protocols and Major Recommendations.

Graduate Studies Handbook

All the formal requirements regarding your candidature may be found in the Graduate Studies Handbook.


Your enrolment and related issues (e.g. change of status) are dealt with in the Graduate School of Engineering and IT, and not in the School.