Leave and extensions

All requests for leave of absence must be applied for, on a form. Recreation leave is recommended, up to an amount of 4 weeks each year.

Conference Leave

All requests for leave to attend a conference must be approved by your supervisor and the HoS. Completion of the correct forms means that you have automatic travel insurance cover provided by the University.

Please see the Audit and Risk Management website for more information on travel insurance and the University's Travel Insurance Schedule.

Extensions, Suspensions, Time Away, etc.

  • Extensions are not automatic.
  • Extensions are granted by semester.
  • All applications will be reviewed in the context of Annual Progress Reports.
  • Note conditions associated with your scholarship, including any allowances, sick leave, maternity leave, etc.
  • Those who have been offered a 3 year scholarship with the possibility of renewal for a further 6 months will need to apply for the 6-month extension about 2 months before your scholarship is due to expire.