Research Code of Conduct

The University of Sydney holds researchers responsible for scholarly and scientific rigour and integrity, in obtaining, recording and analysing data and in presenting, reporting and publishing results. Rigour and integrity are indicated by:

  • giving appropriate recognition to those who have made an intellectual contribution to the contents of a publication;
  • obtaining the permission of the author before using new information, concepts or data originally obtained through access to confidential data;
  • conforming to University requirements for working with humans, animals, and bio hazards;
  • using research funds in accordance with the terms and conditions under which those funds were received;
  • disclosing to the University any conflict of interest (financial, personal or other) that might influence their research.

The full policy can be viewed here. You should thoroughly familiarise yourself with this document, and in particular ensure that the requirements for retention of research data are followed.

Students should also be familiar with the School policy on laptop use. The policy covers ergonomic, security and specific postgraduate student issues. A PDF of the policy is available here.