Guidelines for Progress/Probation Report

The report for the probation review or for an upgrade of candidature from Master’s to PhD, must be submitted a week prior to the scheduled review meeting and must include the following:

  • Clear definition of the problem or problems the candidate is trying to solve;
  • Motivation - why the problem(s) are important;
  • Literature Survey - a comprehensive document describing all work done related to the candidate's research problem. The survey should cover the archival technical literature.
  • Description of how the project relates to and goes beyond what is in the literature.
  • Some initial results - possibly, copies of publications or of papers submitted for publication. The initial results of students in their PhD conversion or confirmation meeting must provide sufficient evidence that the student has the research skills required for a successful completion of his/her PhD.
  • Future plans - this should include ideas, ways and methodologies the candidate plans to use to solve his/her research problems. It should also include time-lines describing when the planned milestones are to be achieved.

As a guideline, the report is expected to be in the order of 20 A4 pages in length.