Consultation times - Semester 1, 2013

Consultation times will be added as they become available.




Consultation time

Room or Appointment

COMP3520 – Operating Systems Internals

Bing Zhou

Thur 17:00 – 18:00


COMP2129 – Operating Systems and Machine Principles

Bob Kummerfeld & John Stavrakakis 

Tues 3-4pm

By appointment

ISYS2140 – Information Systems

Jason Chan

Immediately after the lecture

by appointment

ENGG1801 – Engineering Computing

Jason Chan

Immediately after the lecture

by appointment

COMP3308/COMP3608 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Adv)

Irena Koprinska

/Fabio Ramos


Mo 12-1pm

12-1pm after lecture

Irena’s office: 4E-450

Fabio’s office 3W


INFO1103 – Introduction to Programming


Michael Charleston


Wed 3pm

4W - 412

INFO3220 – Object oriented Design


Michael Charleston


Wed 3pm

4W - 412


ISYS3401 – Analytical Methods & Information Systems



Joseph Davis &

Simon Poon


Wed 2-4 pm

Mon 12-1pm

By appointment


INFO1003 – Foundations of Information Technology

Josiah Poon

Mon 12-1pm


COMP3419 – Graphics and Multimedia

Tom Cai


By appointment

INFO2120/INFO2820 – Database Systems I (Adv)

Uwe Roehm


Wed, 2-3pm

4E- 446


INFO3402 – Management of IT Projects and Systems

Helen Richardson


Before or after the lecture on Fri  

By appointment

INFO1903 – Informatics (Adv)

Alan Fekete

Tues 2-3 pm

4E- 447

COMP2022 – Formal Languages and Logic

Kalina Yacef

Mon 11-12pm

3W - 317

Meeting rooms and academics' offices are located in the School of IT building.

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