The following is an informal summary of the rules and conditions applying to the Honours degree, intended to give a convenient introduction to the nature of the program.

The formal regulations which apply can be found in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies Handbook which should be consulted as the authoritative source.

The Honours degree program in the School of IT is split into two streams: Computer Science and Information Systems.

The Computer Science Honours stream provides specialist training for postgraduate research in Computer Science, and for IT research and development in industry or business.

The Information Systems Honours stream provides graduates with the analytical and consulting skills for solving problems (or performing research) in a variety of areas in the IT sector.

Both streams consist of advanced coursework related to the research interests of members of the School and a year-long project conducted in a research group in the School under the supervision of an academic staff member. The School has several research groups.

Information and contact details for research groups ยป

As a specialist degree, the aim of Honours is not to cover the full breadth of IT, but rather to introduce students to the cutting edge in selected areas of research and practice. It provides an opportunity to become actively involved in the research carried out by members of the School. Graduates take skills with them into the workplace which give them a competitive edge. Consequently, University of Sydney graduates are much in demand within industry.

The Honours year starts in February and July, 2 weeks before lectures begin.