2014-2015 Summer Scholarships

These scholarships are designed primarily for undergraduate students who are interested in a future research degree/career.

The scholarships are valued at $5,500 for 12 weeks (tax exempt), and some of the scholarships attract additional benefits.


To be eligible for a Summer Scholarship you must:

  • be a high achieving 3rd year undergraduate student with a competitive WAM. (high performing 2nd/4th year or master by coursework students may be considered);
  • be currently enrolled in a full-time program at the University of Sydney or another Australian university;
  • have successfully completed at least one year of your course prior to the commencement of the Summer Scholarship;
  • submit an application form.
  • Both local and international students are eligible.
  • Some projects may have specific selection criteria, see the project descriptions for more details.

How to apply

  • Choose a project (or projects).
  • Complete the application form.
  • In addition to the form, please provide a brief resume (no more than two pages) which outlines your research activities and skills, and how they match the requirements of the projects you are applying for;
  • Include a statement on your career aspirations, particularly your research interest (no more than one page);
  • If you are not a current University of Sydney student please provide your academic transcript.
  • Email your complete application (form, resume, statement and transcript (if applicable)) to .
  • Applications for NICTA Summer Scholarships will close on 12 September 2014. Results will be available by 3 October 2014.
  • Smart Services CRC scholarship applications will open later in the year.


Each application will be considered by a Selection Committee formed by the Research Director of the School of IT. Applications will be assessed on three criteria: academic merit, interest in undertaking research activities, and intended career plan.

Results are sent by email. Successful candidates will be asked to make an appointment with the Admin Officer (Evelyn Riegler: Tel 9351 4918 at SIT Level 2), to sign an offer letter and submit their banking details.

Additional benefits for NICTA scholarship holders

In addition to $5,500 for 12 weeks (tax exempt), NICTA Summer Scholarship holders can take part in:

  • Induction at ATP/NRL (compulsory);
  • Showcase in Sydney early December - exact date tbc (compulsory);
  • NICTA Networking/Social Calendar (optional);
  • Christmas Party;
  • Summer Scholarship Seminar;
  • Certificate.

Additional benefits for Smart Services CRC scholarship holders

In addition to $5,500 for 12 weeks (tax exempt), Smart Services Summer Scholarship holders:

  • Have the option to work fractional time or fewer weeks at $460 per week or pro-rata
  • Take part in the Showcase in Sydney for CRC partners in late February;
  • Can attend the Christmas Party;
  • Participate in a rich research environment - see Computer Human Adapted Interaction Research Group (CHAI).