Paul D. Yoo PhD (SYD), Hons 1 (UTS)


Dr. Paul D. Yoo is currently an assistant professor of big data analytics in ECE dept., and his recent research is centered on the development of various artificial intelligence and machine-learning methods for the discovery of knowledge and patterns in extreme scale datasets. The current active research projects include the following, but not limited to

  1. Cyber Security in Big Data/Clouds (IDS and Botnet Detections)

  2. Data mining in Sensors, Mobile, and Wireless Networks

  3. Load Forecasting in Smart Grid

  4. Predictive Analysis in Financial Domains

  5. Biomedical Informatics (HIV, Parkinson, Proteins in ID, 2D, 3D)

Paul is the inventor for DomNet, SiteSeek and IGRN, well-regarded artificial-intelligent systems in biomedicine and proteomics. He has also been awarded a number of prestigious international and national awards for his work in research and application of artificial intelligence in biomedical-/health-/financial-/security-/semiconductor-domains, notably IEEE Outstanding Leadership Award, ARC Research Network in EII Award, Australian Postgraduate Award, Capital Markets CRC Award, Emirates Foundation (EF) Research Award, and the UAE ICT Fund Award.

Paul also holds over 40 prestigious journal and conference publications and is currently actively involved in editorial board, technical program committees, and review panels of the intelligent systems/machine-learning areas for international conference and journal publications such as IEEE, ACM and ISCB. He is a Senior Member of IEEE.


Dr. Yoo at the Harvard University Library (HUL), during his visit to Harvard University and MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A, in June 2013