• Jessica McBroom, PhD student, Educational Data Mining (with A/Prof Kalina Yacef)
  • Givanna Haryono, PhD student, Dynamic Clustering of Immune Response Data (with Dr Mark Read)
  • Stephen Mccloskey, PhD student, Sleep Disorder Analysis Using Machine Learning Techniques (with Dr Bryn Jeffries)
  • Rim Haidar, PhD student, Data Mining of Sleep Data (with Dr Bryn Jeffries), nominated for the Best Student Paper Award at ICONIP 2017
  • Tony Wang, PhD student, Solar Power Prediction
  • Ling Luo, PhD student, Temporal Modelling of Customer Behavior (with Dr Bin Li), awarded the Google PhD Fellowship in Machine Learning
  • Jai Gupta, PhD student, Classification of Clinical Incidents in Healthcare (with Prof Jon Patrick)
  • Nick Bosch, TSP student, Data Mining of Dietary Patterns (with Prof Judy Kay and A/Prof Kalina Yacef)
  • Kathryn Rendell, Honours student, Predicting Hospital Admissions Using Data Mining (with Dr Andre Kyme and A/Prof Michael Dinh)
  • Dengsong Wu, TSP student, Time Series Prediction Using Deep Neural Networks


PhD - completed

  • 2014, Tim O'Keefe, Extracting and Attributing Quotes in Text and Assessing them as Opinions (co-supervised with A/Prof James Curran),
  • 2014, Mashud Rana, Energy Time Series Prediction, now a research engineer at the Sydney Informatics Hub
  • 2009, Daren Ler, Algorithm Selection via Landmarking
  • 2009, Jason Chan, Background Knowledge in Semi-supervised Learning, now a casual lecturer at the School of IT, (co-supervised with Dr Josiah Poon),  

IT Honours, Engineering Honours, MIT research, Talented Student Program and visiting international students - completed

  • 2016, Deeksha Singh, Honours student, Incremental Clustering of High-Dimensional, High-Througput Cytometry Data to Analyse Immune Response to West Nile Virus
    (with Dr Mark Read and A/Prof Uwe Roehm)
  • 2016, Sammi Choi, Honours student, Generating Data-driven Feedback for Computer Programming Students (S2 only; with A/Prof Kalina Yacef)
  • 2016, Cecilia Lee, Talented Student Program student, Classification of Breathing Patterns Using Machine Learning Techniques (with Dr Mark Read; colaboration with  Dr Cindy Thamrin and Dr Chinh Nguyen from the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research)
  • 2016, Jonathan Chung, Talented Student Program student,  Predicting Weight-loss from Gut Microbial Data (with Dr Mark Read)
  • 2015, Caitlin Mangan, Honours student, Recommender Systems (with Dr Shlomo Berkovsky)
  • 2015, Anastasia Zhirnova, Honours student (engineering), Sleep Stages Classification
  • 2015, Dean Pisani, Honours student, A Subject Specific Approach to Sleep Stage Classification
  • 2014, Tommaso Colombo, visiting Masters students from the University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy, Time Series Prediction (with Dr Massimo Panella)
  • 2014, Tom Blau, Honours student, Forecasting Solar Power Production with Advanced Machine Learning Techniques
  • 2014, Tianyu Pu, Honours student, Predicting Hospital Length of Stay (with Dr Michael Dinh from the RPA Hospital, Research Conversazione award, University medal
  • 2012, Ben Mackay, Honours student, Airline Passenger Connections (with Dr Uwe Roehm and Qantas)
  • 2012, Mengxi Xu, Honours student, Recommender Systems for Catch-up and Live TV Services (with Dr Shlomo Berkovsky)
  • 2012, Josef Vataman, visiting postgraduate student from the University of Mannheim in Germany; Predicting Stock Market Trends Using Twitter Data (with Dr James Curran)
  • 2011, JingMin Huang, MIT research student (Honours equivalent project), Fraud Detection and Recommender Systems in Online Dating
  • 2011, Alexandra Kotillova, visiting PhD student from Slovakia, Forecasting Using Neural Networks
  • 2011, Valentina Cupac, Talented Student Program student, Electricity Load Prediction
  • 2010, Joshua Akehurst, Honours student, Recommender Systems for Online Dating
  • 2010, Kate Graves, MIPPS project at Qantas, Machine Learning techniques for Fuel Prediction
  • 2009, Tim O'Keefe, Honours student (engineering), Sentiment Analysis [ trac ] Best student paper award at ADCS 2009, University medal
  • 2009 Rohen Sood, Honours student (engineering), Electricity Load Forecasting (with Prof. Vassilios Agelidis)
  • 2008, Anthony Setiawan, Honours student (engineering), Electricity Load Prediction (with Prof. Vassilios Agelidis); Research Conversazione award
  • 2008, Daniel Howell, Honours student (engineering), Painting with the Wii Remote; Research Conversazione award
  • 2008, Sergey Mainich, MIT research student (Honours equivalent project), Story Segmentation (with Daniel Lloyd Jones from Visionbytes)
  • 2008, Omar Al Zoubi, MIT research student (Honours equivalent project), Classification of Brain-Computer Interface Data
  • 2007, Martin Schwank, MIT, Using Wii for Painting
  • 2006, Andrew Hutchings, Honours student, Content-based Image Retrieval Using Google Image Search
  • 2006, Dean Cummins, Honours student, Personalised Learning Using Resources From the Open Web (with Dr Kalina Yacef)
  • 2006, Adam Hotz, Honours student (engineering), E-mail Worms Detection Using Machine Learning
  • 2005, Felix Feger, MIT research student (Honours equivalent project), Learning from Labelled and Unlabelled Data
  • 2004, Alistair Reid, Talented Student Program student, Shot Boundaries Detection in MPEG2 Compressed Video
  • 2003, Jason Chan, Honours student, Co-training with a Random Split of a Single Natural Featue Set (with Dr Josiah Poon)
  • 2003, Olivier Fayau  from Ecole Superieure d’Ingenierie Leonard De Vinci, Paris, France (5th-year internship), Combining Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms for E-mail Classification (with Dr Josiah Poon),
  • 2003, Félix Trieu from Ecole Superieure d’Ingenierie Leonard De Vinci, Paris, France,(5th-year internship), Decision Forest (with Dr Josiah Poon)
  • 2003, Christine Remediakis, Honours student, Text Mining in DNA Microarrays (with Dr Rohan Williams from the Centenary Institute and Dr Josiah Poon)
  • 2002, Elisabeth Crawford, completed PhD at CMU, Honours mark: 95.5, Automated Text Categorization with Applications to E-mail Management (with Prof Jon Patrick)
  • 2002, James Clark, Honours student, E-mail Classification: A Hybrid Approach Combining Genetic Algorithms with Neural Networks (with Josiah Poon in sem.2) 
  • 2002, Harry Mak, Honours student, Content-Based Movie Recommendation Using Learning for Text Categorization (with Dr Josiah Poon in sem.2)
  • 2002, Ehremin Avila, Honours student, Mining of Microarray Gene Expression Data
  • 2001, Kim Jackson, Honours student, Clustering of Gene Expression Data (collaboration with Dr Janette Burgess, Dept. of Pharmacology)
  • 2001, Anna Ceguerra, Honours student, now a post-doc at the University of Sydney; Fingerprint Verification, collaboration with Andrea Aizza and Piero Calucci from Tender S.p.A, and  Fabio Vitali and Sergio Carrato from the Image Processing Laboratory, University of Trieste, Italy

Third year software development projects

  • Anindha Party, High Speed Dynamic Content Filtering (with Teewoon Tan, Darren Williams and Matt Barrie from Sensory Networks, Software Development Project Advanced (won Departamental prize for best project-3d place)
  • Alistair Reid, Processing of MPEG-2 video, Talented Student Program project
  • Christine Remediakis - Text Mining in DNA Microarrays (with Rohan Williams from Centenary Institute  and Josiah Poon)
  • Michael Dam, Kire Tosevski, Kathlene Belista, and Mohammad El-Ali, Classification of Brain-Computer Interface Data, AI project, entered the international BCI competition and obtained 4th place
  • Clinton Freeman, Michael Crawford, David Storey and Haresh Wadiwel, Classification of Brain Computer Interface Data, AI project
  • EliteAI: Damien McMonigal, James Clark, Feifei Huang, Helen Lee, Kin Nguyen, Intelligent Movie Recommender System, best project award - 1st place, EliteAI group's system, Product development project
  • Jyot Boparai, Ehremin Avila, Harry Mak, Kien Luu, Intelligent Movie Recommender System, Product Development Project
  • Keith Player, Clustering of gene expression data , Software Development Project (Advanced)
  • Damien McMonigal, James Clark, Lawrence Suen, Tommy Suen, Movie Recommender, AI project
  • Jyot Boparai, Ehremin Avila, Sai Thurein, Harry Mak, Movie Recommender, AI project
  • Seung Yang, Roman Belousov, Yoonhee Choi, Jason Kim, Movie Recommender, AI project
  • Travis Wells, Natasa Jetvic, Interactive Web-Based Tutor on Artificial Neural Networks, AI project

Projects offered in previous years

Honours projects offered in 2010

Honours projects offered in 2008

Honours projects offered in 2006