Research Grants

Competitive Grants from the Australian Research Council and the University of Sydney. All figures are in $AUD.

Australian Research Council (ARC) Postdoctoral Fellowship (DP0881063)

J. Kim, "Innovative visualization of next-generation biomedical images", 2008-2012, Total: $290,000.

This project addresses the difficult problems associated with managing the vast amounts of data that are currently available with advanced imaging devices and displaying these data so that the maximum amount of information can be extracted. Developing visualization capabilities for such data is not a trivial undertaking but the outcome of this research will produce enabling visualization technologies that will significantly impact the life science, biomedical research and the way clinicians view and use these data for patient management. These technologies will have broad applications across biology and molecular science and will enhance Australia’s leading position in the development of frontier technologies.

ARC Linkage Project (LP0989190)

D. Feng, J. Kim, M. Fulham and S. Eberl, "A new generation of multi-modality biomedical image visualisations", 2009-2011, Total: $470,000.

This research will overcome the urgent and significant burden in the routine clinical visualisation of multiple-modality biomedical image data, which are complex and exquisitely detailed from the new generation of high-resolution medical imaging scanners. Together with our industry partner RPA Hospital, we will produce 3D visualisation methodologies that will simplify and revolutionise the way biomedical data are visualised, analysed and interpreted by imaging specialists and disseminated to doctors and patients. Given the pivotal role that imaging plays in modern healthcare, this will improve diagnosis and assessment, and enhance Australia's leading position in the development of frontier technologies.

USyd FoEIT-MES (Major Equipment Scheme)

D. Feng, J. Kim and T. Cai, "Multimedia Community Healthcare for Dementia Care", 2008-2011, Total: $48,000.

University of Sydney Research Network Scheme

As a Chief Investigator (CI), "ATVRE - Assistive Technologies for Virtual Rehabilitation Engineering", 2013.07-2015.06 Total: $200,000

Korea Research Foundation

H. Na and J Kim "Modeling and visualization of patient's physical activity data for personalized patient monitoring and life pattern analysis in TeleHealth", 2013.09-2015.09 Total: $54K

University of Sydney the International Program Development Fund (IPDF)

J Kim, "Workshop on computer graphics in biomedical and biomedical imaging data", 2013 Total: $16K