Students and Colleagues

Current Students

Liviu Constantinescu PhD Candidate on Mobile Telehealth. Expected graduation in late 2012!
Ashnil Kumar PhD Candidate on Multi-modal Retrieval. Expected graduation in 2013!
Hyunjun Youn PhD Candidate on Multi-modal Visualsiation. Started in S2 2010.
Lei Bi PhD Candidate on PET Disease Classification. Started in S1 2014.
Daiki Haraguchi Research Associate on Mobile Development. Daiki has graduated in MIT with projects in telehealth. He is now an Associate working 50-50 BMIT Research Group and RPA Hospital.
Michael de Ridder Hons student with a project on medical Avatar. 2012.
Vivian Liang MIT course work student who has done on a project on Health Smart Home. Graduating in 2012!

Former Students

Ben Neihaus (2008), International exchange student (final Bachelor year project). Now a PhD candidate back at his home Germany
G. Nyirenda (2011), MIT Project Student. Now a Lecture in THE UNIVERSITY OF MALAWI
T. Wang (2011), D. Shang (2009), M. Holman (2009), N. Pradana (2008), Y. Hu (2006), H. Wu (2004)
Many co-supervisions of students, including a phD student in India 2003-Present