I started teaching when I was an undergraduate honours in 2000. I was a tutor for 1st year Java Programming and the Introduction of Information Technolgy During my phD (2001 - 2005), I continued as a tutor and was also involved in Teaching Assistant (TA) role for several multimedia-based courses (e.g. Multimedia Authoring Production and Digital Media Fundamentals) in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

I also was invited to give few lectures during these time as well. My first guest lecture was in 2002 for a 1st year course on Information Systems and in 2008, I am a co-Lecture for this course. Its great to see the evolution of the course over the years as IT improves and changes so rapidly.

In 2009, I was a unit coordinator for a masters course on Project Management. In 2010, I am teaching INFO 1003 and also partake in COMP5206 - Introduction to Information Systems

Research Supervision