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Welcome to my working home page.
Judy Kay photo My primary research and teaching is in human computer interaction (HCI), ranges from creating new technology to broader studies to inform its design and learn about its use.

My research group, CHAI: Computer Human Adapted Interaction Research Group works in surface computing, making interactive tabletops and walls, and personalisation technology, particularly for life-long, life-wide learning that ranges form the highly technical, such as learning to program, to the generic skills of learning to collaborate effectively.

I lead the nascent Human Centred Technology Cluster. This highly multi-disciplinary group is a priority research area for the Faculty of Engineering and IT.

I am a member of two multi-discipinary research networks: PLANET - Physical Activity Network, leading its New technology Research Theme and the STL - Sciences and Technologies of Learning Network.

Unlike my formal home page This is a highly dynamic resource for my students and colleagues. Enjoy!

Room 307, School of IT Building, J12
1 Cleveland Street, University of Sydney, Australia 2006 | gmap | directions
email: judy . kay at
Ph: +61-2-9351-4502
edit Current Teaching
INFO3315 - Human-Computer Interaction | Piazza | CUSP
COMP5427 - Usability Engineering | CUSP
COMP5047 - Pervasive Computing
COMP3(5)615, INFO3600 - Software Development Project | CUSP-3615 | CUSP-5615 | CUSP-3600
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edit News:
— 2015-Feb-16: Inaugural Human Centred Technology Symposium on Health & Wellness Research Symposium
— 2016-Feb-2-5: Opening Keynote Australasian Computer Science Week (ACSW 2016), A Human-Centred View of Big Personal Data: Scrutable User Models for Privacy and Control, Canberra, Australia.
— 2015-May-5-10: CHI paper short videos
Martinez-Maldonado, et al, An Actionable Approach to Understand Group Experience in Complex, Multi-surface Spaces
Ackad, et al, Skeletons and Silhouettes: Comparing User Representations at a Gesture-based Large Display
The World Wide Web Explained (1996) posted in Oct 2015 by ABC. Stars CHAI academics and students. — Our tabletop software in the world:
In the Press: Workplace of the future | Short-listed for the Vivid Ideas Readers' Choice | Image Magazines
Cruiser Interactive videos: Sydney University MediaWall | Alzheimer's Australia | Mondelez | Victoria Police | JumpTank | Colliers | Education
CHAI YouTube channel
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edit Research executive positions
Australian Academy of Science National Committee for Information and Communication Sciences (NCICS) 2015 - 2018
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Steering Committee: ITS - Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Chair, Ubicomp and Pervasive Steering Committee | ACM SIGCHI Community | SIGmobile | Steering Ctee wiki | Ubicomp mgmt
Advisory Board: UM Inc User Modelling Society (2006-2015)
edit Upcoming Conferences, special issues
2016 Mar, 14-18: PerCom Deadline 18 Sep, 2015
2016-25-26, April: Learning at Scale, L@S, Edinburgh. Submissions
2016-27-28, April: Learning Analytics, LAK, Edinburgh. | Learning Analytics for Learners Workshop
2016-Jun-02-03: Media Architecture Biennale, Sydney.
2016-Jun-08-12: DIS Brisbane
2016-Jun-14-15: EAI International Conference on Wearables in Healthcare
2016, Jun, 29 - 2 Jul: EDM 2016 - 9th International Conference on Educational Data Mining, Raleigh, NC, USA
2016, July, 10-13, ACM Hypertext, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada).
2016, July, 13-17: ACM UMAP 2016, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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