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Welcome to my working home page.
Judy Kay photo My primary research and teaching is in human computer interaction (HCI), ranges from creating new technology to broader studies to inform its design and learn about its use.

My research group, CHAI: Computer Human Adapted Interaction Research Group works in surface computing, making interactive tabletops and walls, and personalisation technology, particularly for life-long, life-wide learning that ranges form the highly technical, such as learning to program, to the generic skills of learning to collaborate effectively.

I lead the nascent Human Centred Technology Cluster. This highly multi-disciplinary group is a priority research area for the Faculty of Engineering and IT.

I am a member of two multi-discipinary research networks: PLANET - Physical Activity Network, leading its New technology Research Theme and the STL - Sciences and Technologies of Learning Network.

Unlike my formal home page This is a highly dynamic resource for my students and colleagues. Enjoy!

Room 307, School of IT Building, J12
1 Cleveland Street, University of Sydney, Australia 2006 | gmap | directions
email: judy . kay at
Ph: +61-2-9351-4502
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INFO3600 - Major Development Project | CUSP
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edit New highlights:
— 30 April 2015: School of IT Awards and Graduation Dinner
NSW Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service: The first five years 2009 - 2013 Report
Rich Despite Scale, or Rich Because of Scale? MOOCs, SPOCs, and Residential Education seminar by Professor Armando Fox, Tuesday 25 November 2014, 3.30-4.30pm, SIT Lecture Theatre (Room 123).
HCT Summer Scholarships
Promoting Lifestyle Physical Activity & Tackling Sedentary Behaviour Symposium - "Uses of technology for monitoring sedentary behaviour and promoting lifestyle physical activity" - 14 Nov, 2014
University of Sydney’s Sciences and Technologies of Learning (STL) 2014 Research Fest - 6 November, 2014, Education Building (A35)
SSH@USYD2014 - Kay and Kummerfeld joint winners in staff-student hackathon, 27 Sep, 2014
Scrupulous, Scrutable and Sumptuous: Personal Data Futures - Elizabeth F. Churchill July 1, 2014
An examined life taken to a new level - some interview comments, to Matt White, SMH, News Review, 9 Aug, 2014.
Heteromation: dividing labour between people and machines Professor Bonnie Nardi, Oct 7, Human Centered Technology (HCT) Cluster and the Sciences & Technologies of Learning (STL) Network
— Cruiser interactive tabletops and walls: | Workplace of the future full of e-things | Integrate August 24-28 | Short-listed for the Vivid Ideas Readers' Choice | Image Magazines | Cruiser Interactive site
Playful behaviour surprises researchers press release on PerDis 2014 paper about MediaWall
WHO Collaborative Centre Physical Activity, Exercise and Health (PANO) Physical Activity, Exercise and Health course
CHAI YouTube channel | Sydney University MediaWall | Alzheimer's Australia | Mondelez | Victoria Police | JumpTank | Colliers
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edit Editorial
cover of IJAIED Journal — co-Editor-in-chief 2012-:
IJAIED: International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education | IAIED | Submissions and reviews | ERIC

— Associate Editor 2008-2013, Steering Committee 2014-:
IEEE TLT logo IEEE TLT IEEE Trans on Learning Technologies | ms-central | G-rank

— Editorial Board:
cover of UMUAI Journal UMUAI User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction: The Journal of Personalization Research
ISI/THompson 2010 3-year Impact Factor 3.074, #20 among 445 Computer Science journals. Microsoft Academic Search: ranked 3 of 26 HCI Journals.

logo of ACM Associate Editor:
ACM TIIS ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (TiiS)
Current Issue | ms

cover of ITS proceedings — V. Aleven, J. Kay, and J. Mostow, editors,
ITS2010, Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Springer, 2010

— Gautam Biswas, Susan Bull, Judy Kay and Antonija Mitrovic, editors,
cover of AIED proceedings AIED2011, Proceedings of Artificial Intelligence in Education 15th International Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, 29 June - 1 July 2011.

— Kay, J.; Lukowicz, P.; Tokuda, H.; Olivier, P.; Kruger, A. (Eds.)
cover of Pervsaive 2012 proceedings 10th International Conference Pervasive 2012
Newcastle, UK, 18 - 22 June, 2012.

— Editorial Board and AIED Department Editor:
IEEE Intelligent Systems logo IEEE Intelligent Systems | author instructions

— Judy Kay and Gord McCalla
UMUAI Special Issue cover UMUAI:
Special Issue on Coming of Age: Celebrating a Quarter Century of User Modeling and Personalization

edit Research executive positions
Immediate Past President (Secretary/Treasurer): AIED Society | Facebook | mgmt
Steering Committee: ITS - Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Joint Ubicomp and Pervasive Steering Committee | ACM SIGCHI Community | SIGmobile | Steering Ctee wiki | Ubicomp mgmt
Advisory Board: UM Inc User Modelling Society
edit Upcoming Conferences, special issues
UMUAI Special Issue on Ubiquitous User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction | reviews/submissions
2015-Mar-14-15: Learning at Scale | deadline: Oct 29, 2014 (WIP Jan 8, 2015)
2015-Mar-16-20: LAK2015, Learning Analytics and Knowledge, Poughkeepsie, New York | reviews | VISLA workshop
2015-Jun-10-12, PerDis 2015, deadline: 18 February 2015.
2015-Jun-22-26: AIED 2015 | 4th Workshop on Intelligent Support for Learning in Groups (ISLG) Mon 22 | Les Contes du Mariage: Should AI stay married to ED? Mon pm 22 | International Workshop on Affect, Meta-Affect, Data and Learning (AMADL 2015) Fri 26
2015-Jun-29 - 3 Jul, UMAP 2015, Dublin, Ireland | PATH Workshop on Personalisation and Adaptation in Technology for Health, June 30
2015-Sep-7-11: Ubicomp 2015, Osaka, Japan | Papers due: 2 Mar 014 | PC Meeting: 16-17 May, CornellTech campus in New York City
2015-Nov-15-18: ITS - Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces, Madeira, Portugal.
2016-late April: Learning at Scale, Edinburgh.
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