There is this moment that comes up now and then when you are teaching. The students' eyes flare up and an uncontrollable grin takes over their face. Something that was obscure a second ago now makes sense. This fleeting moment is what I like most about teaching.

Below is a list of classes and seminars I have taught grouped by the institution where they were offered.

The University of Sydney

  • 2014, Semester 2: Discrete Optimization
  • 2013, Semester 2: Discrete Optimization
  • 2012, Semester 2: Algorithms and Complexity
  • 2012, Semester 1: Algorithms
  • 2011, Semester 2: Algorithms and Complexity
  • 2011, Semester 1: Advanced Topics in IT: Real-world algorithms

University of Saarland

  • Summer 2010: Optimization with N. Megow and K. Mehlhorn
  • Winter 2009/10: Optimization II
  • Summer 2009: Optimization with K. Elbassioni
  • Winter 2008/09: Optimization of Submodular Functions and Their Applications with K. Elbassioni and R. Raman
  • Summer 2008: Internet economics with K. Elbassioni and G. Christodoulou

University of Maryland

  • Summer 2006: Design and analysis of algorithms
  • Summer 2004: Design and analysis of algorithms

Summer courses at other universities