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Lecture by visiting Neuroscientist Immordino-Yang


Embodied brains, social minds: Neuropsychological perspectives on social emotion and self in a global, technological age
A/Prof Mary Helen Immordino-Yang
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Assistant Professor of Education. | Rossier School of Education, Brain and Creativity Institute, University of Southern California, USA

When: Wed 9 Nov from 4-5pm.
Where: Farrell Lecture Theatre
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Complex social emotions like admiration, compassion, inspiration and gratitude could be considered among the most intelligent and nuanced human mental achievements, important for cultivating a meaningful life, for responsible global citizenship, and for social learning. In this session, Mary Helen Immordino-Yang will discuss her team’s ongoing cross-cultural work on the psychology and neurobiology of these emotions in Los Angeles and Beijing, including their deep visceral roots in the feeling and regulation of the body and consciousness, and their propensity to heighten one’s own subjective sense of self awareness. Implications for education in a multicultural world will be discussed, including new data on how the biological underpinnings of these emotions are shaped by cultural norms and individual differences, why these emotions can be so profoundly motivating, and prospective ideas about how the use of certain technologies for learning may interact with the biological underpinnings of emotion and self.

Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Ed.D. is an affective neuroscientist and human development psychologist who studies the neural, psychophysiological and psychological bases of emotion, social interaction and culture and their implications for development and schools. She is an Assistant Professor of Education at the Rossier School of Education, an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the Brain and Creativity Institute, and a member of the Neuroscience Graduate Program Faculty at the University of Southern California, where she was formerly a joint postdoctoral fellow under the mentorship of Robert Rueda and Antonio Damasio.

A former junior high school teacher, she earned her doctorate at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, where she was the recipient of grants from the Spencer Foundation and the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation. She is the Associate Editor for North America for the award-winning journal Mind, Brain and Education, and the inaugural recipient of the Award for Transforming Education through Neuroscience. She and her co-authors received the 2010 Cozzarelli Prize from the National Academy of Sciences for the most distinguished paper of the year in the behavioral and social sciences category, for the paper, "Neural correlates of admiration and compassion." PNAS, 106(19), 8021-8026.

In 2011 she was named a "Rising Star" by the Association for Psychological Science. She lectures nationally and abroad on the neural and psychosocial implications of brain and cognitive science research for curriculum and pedagogy, and is the content director for a new online, free course for teachers on learning and the brain, funded by the Annenberg Media Foundation (available Fall, 2011;