Personal Details

I am a Master student in the Weg Engineering Group and my research interests focus on the quality teaching in higher education. The objective is to provide strategical support for decision-makers to enhance and improve teaching and learning process.


Theoretical side

Based on student-focussed learning theory and quality teaching, I provide a statistical reporting tool for the Faculty of Engineering which analyzes the key features in Unit of Study outlines and synthesises the information. Most data are collected from internal administrative processes within the faculty. The prototype system is designed to present various kinds of information from the different points of view of students, academic staff and academic managers who have access to information produced by the reporting tool.


Making statistical reporting tools based on Curriculum-Central database using the OpenACS web application framework. The reporting tool is working in the development server

Contact Information

School of Electrical and Information Engineering,
Building J13
University of Sydney NSW 2006
Phone: +61 2 9351 3015