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Reducing workload, improving quality of teaching and learning

What is Curriculum Central?

Curriculum Central is a portal system for the administration and integration of teaching activities to improve their effectiveness and coherence. The system provides 1) A knowledge repository of syllabus and instructional design of courses in a university 2) functionalities that enable staff to perform administrative activities online and 3) a collaboration environment supporting the knowledge repository. The three functionalities are integrated to benefit key stakeholders: students, who can benefit from a better understanding of the relationships between courses; teachers, who are able to see a reduction in their administration activities; and administrators who can use the system as a reporting tool. At the center of the system are the course descriptions that can be summarized and displayed to students and can be used for automatically processing some of the common administration activities that academics must perform when delivering a course.
The following paper describes Curriculum Central 1.0 in detail:

  • Calvo, RA and R.A. Ellis. “DotTeach: A portal system for the academic enterprise”. Foro Hispano dotLRN – Online Educa, Madrid 2005. [PDF]
  • Calvo, R.A, Carroll N. and Ellis, R (Accepted Dec, 2005). Curriculum Central: A portal system for the academic enterprise. International Journal of Continuing Education and Life-Long Learning.
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For Developers

dotTeach is built as an application on top of OpenACS and benefits with the extensive collabroation functionalities of dotLRN.

  • Documentation: Manuals for installation notes & development of the dotTEACH project are given here.
  • Extending the datamodel: A brief guide to how the dotTEACH data model can be extended for more application-specific uses, available here.

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