Supporting Academic Writing

We are developing a comprehensive set of tools for supporting the teaching of academic writing.

  • Management and scaffolding tools for instructors for individual or collaborative writing activities. We currently use these tools in classes with over 250 students. They provide peer-reviewing, assessment and more. They work with a strong integration to Google Apps.
  • Automatic feedback tools for students (aka 'Glosser') that provide students with reflection triggers, document visualization and group activity features.
  • Reflective Writing Studios - RWS. We spend so much time writing, yet we know little about which behaviors and contexts help us be more productive and enjoy the writing. The RWS helps writers reflect on what happened during a writing session.
  • Interactive content and tutorials that help students with the most common problems encountered by students of academic writing. It includes a section on 'writing clearly', and on specifc genres (eg. report writing).

Selected Publications

iWrite and Glosser

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Generating questions automatically
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Supporting Writing Processes
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Vilaythong Southavilay, Kalina Yacef, Rafael A. Calvo (2009). "WriteProc: A Framework for Exploring Collaborative Writing Processes", in Proc. Australasian Document Computing Symposium (ADCS), Sydney, Australia.

Generating cognitive visualizations
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Glosser: Automated Feedback

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