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Tools for 'learning through writing' in Engineering disciplines

Background: Writing can help develop cognitive disciplinary knowledge. To provide a successful learning experience timely feedback is necessary. Providing this feedback to increasing numbers of students poses a major challenge for instructors.
Aims: develop tools for supporting writing activities including automatic feedback, question generation. Process mining is used to explore successful writing processes.
Methods: Language technologies and data mining, web engineering and cloud computing.

Outcomes: Hundreds of students are using the tools and content we built.

Affect-sensitive learning technologies

Background. Strong evidence showing that emotions are important in learning, and the development of new sensing and pattern recognition techniques have triggered increasing research into technologies that recognize, adapt, play out emotions.
Aims: 'affective prospecting' where the goal is to use affective LT to understand the relations between linguistic, mental and bodily processes but specifically in the contexts of real learning scenarios, in which subjects have real motivations.
Methods. Pattern recognition, Psychophysiology.

Informing learning technologies with student conceptions, perceptions and approaches to learning

Background: LT are typically developed following the same methodologies used to develop non-educational software systems. As a consequence, the principles underpinning the design of these systems are not mediated by how the students experience the technologies in pursuit of their learning outcomes
Aims: Inform other the development of LT
Methods: The studies involve in-depth interviews, and the analysis employs a phenomenographic approach in which student conceptions of the activity with the tools are investigated in relation to face-to-face equivalents, perceptions of the tool in general and their academic achieve

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