Master of Engineering

This program will allow you to build on your existing engineering undergraduate degree by developing specialised technical knowledge in one of 12 engineering majors.
The course also includes four professional engineering management subjects that will enhance your leadership and commercial capabilities, providing you with greater opportunity for career advancement.

This degree is designed to help you:

  • develop your management and professional capability in the engineering field or
  • build on your existing engineering undergraduate degree and become more technically specialised in your current engineering field.

Course structure

This master's program comprises core units of study in your chosen field, along with electives in general engineering to broaden your knowledge.

There is a strong focus on project work to enhance self-directed learning and leadership skills. Both professional and research pathways are available within all majors to allow you to gain outcomes that are directly related to industry, or to complete a research project as preparation for a higher research degree in your chosen engineering field.

Professional engineering management subjects include:

  • Sustainable Design, Engineering and Management
  • Entrepreneurship for Engineers
  • Project Process Planning and Control
  • Safety Systems and Risk Management


The Master of Engineering allows you to build on your existing engineering undergraduate degree by developing specialised technical and management knowledge in a particular area. Majors include:

Reduced volume of learning

You may be eligible for a reduced volume of learning of 24 credit points, providing your program is equivalent to an AQF honours level 8 degree (minimum credit average). This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis

Typical Scenario
A student has an undergraduate civil engineering degree from a Korean university (which is equivalent to honours level) and would like to further their technical expertise in structural engineering and move into middle management in a large civil engineering firm.

The student will receive advanced standing of 24 credit points reducing the duration of the course to 1 year. The Master of Engineering will allow the student to build their technical expertise as well as develop their management capability skills.

Admission requirements

Applicants need to hold a recognised Bachelor of Engineering degree in the same or similar field of study to the major you are applying for.

Alternatively, you can hold a relevant Bachelor of Science degree or equivalent with a minimum credit average majoring in a discipline that relates to your chosen major and can demonstrate (to the satisfaction of the Dean) suitable prior learning for your chosen major.