If you have previous studies that you would like counted towards your new award course at the University of Sydney, you may be eligible to receive credit for those units.

Formal Faculty Resolutions

  • Please read Clause 6 of our Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology Resolutions that outline the formal rules for the maximum amount of credit we will give for specific degrees and the maximum time since you passed the units of study.
  • Within the limits given in our resolutions, we will usually give credit if you have passed a unit of study and the content of that unit of study is reasonably similar to a unit of study in your new degree at the University of Sydney.
  • You can use our CUSP site (Course and Unit of Study Portal) to research the outlines of the units of study in your new degree to assess if their content is similar to units you have taken elsewhere.

How to apply for credit

Applying for credit is performed online during the enrolment process.

Visit the Apply for credit page on our enrolment site to read instructions on how to apply.

Reduced Volume Learning (RVL) for Postgraduate Students

If you have completed a Bachelor’s degree with honours in Engineering you may be eligible for reduced volume of learning (RVL). In order to be assessed for RVL you must indicate in your application that you would like to apply for credit. You will then receive an email including instructions about how to submit your application for credit. Your application for credit must include the name of your Bachelor’s degree and the awarding institution. You must also upload a copy of your transcript. The outcome of your credit application will be included in your letter of offer. Reduced volume learning will shorten the duration of your course.

Refer to CUSP for information on reduced volume learning and degree requirements.

If you don’t have all the required documentation or have missed the opportunity to apply during your application for admission you are still able to apply for reduced volume of learning after you enrol.