Selecting units of study

What is a Unit of Study?

unit of study is sometimes called a subject or unit. Each unit of study is worth a certain number of credit points. Most units of study are worth 6 credit points (although some first-year maths units are worth 3).

When you enrol in a unit of study you are working towards completing the total number of credit points that make up your course. For example the Bachelor of Engineering requires the completion of 192 credit points. Each semester, a full-time student enrols in 24 credit points.

You can identify a unit of study by its alphanumeric code and title. For example ENGG1800 is the alphanumeric code for unit of study called Introduction of Engineering Disciplines. It’s a good idea to be familiar with the unit of study codes to help you with your enrolment.

Many courses have a standard program that lists the units of study you must enrol in. If you are enroling in flexible first year, a combined degreeproject management or an information technologies course, there is specific information you need to know before enrolling.

Visit our Course and Unit of Study Portal (CUSP) to find the course program and units of study for your enrolment.

As you are enrolling mid-year, we have provided you with some further specific guidance with understanding which units of study you should choose. Please use the following links to access your relevant unit of study pathway within CUSP.


Information Technologies

Project Management

If your course or combined degree is not listed above, you should still make use of CUSP by looking up your specific course and if you need further assistance, come along to our Undergraduate Academic Advice Session on the 19 of July.

Using CUSP, print, save or write down the units of study for your course, and have that list with you when you enrol online.

Flexible First Year students

Our Flexible First Year program gives you the time and freedom to discover your strengths and interests before deciding on your specialisation. You can start your Engineering or IT course with the Flexible First Year program and then transfer, either at the end of your first semester or at the end of your first year, to one of the 8 engineering streams offered at Sydney University.

Visit CUSP to find the course program and list of units of study for your enrolment.

Please note that Flexible First Year is not offered to mid-year entry students.

Combined degree students

General information for combined students:
You can combine your engineering degree with studies in Architecture, Arts, Commerce, Law, Medical Science, Music, Project Management or Science.

Your UAC offer will be for a combined degree, however you will need to select a stream of engineering during enrolment. You must have achieved the required ATAR for your selected engineering stream.

Advanced Engineering Program
Providing you have achieved an ATAR of 97.5 or above (or equivalent), you may apply to study Advanced Engineering. The Advanced Engineering unit of study in first year gives you the opportunity to work on a small supervised project tackling a specific engineering problem relevant to the modern community.

If you wish to study Advanced Engineering, you will need to apply for special permission when enrolling online, to enrol in ENGG1061 Advanced Engineering. You will need to select an alternative unit of study ENGG1111 Integrated Engineering until your special permission request is approved by Faculty staff.

Some combined engineering students do not have ENGG1111 or ENGG1061 in their course program, but you can still take ENGG1061 by overloading by an extra unit of study. Again you will need to apply for special permission to do so.

Space Engineering Major
Providing you have achieved an ATAR of 99 or above (or equivalent), and are enrolling into aeronautical, mechanical or mechatronic engineering you may apply for the Space Engineering major.

If you wish to choose the Space Engineering Major please apply online at our stream change selection page. Please include your name, new University of Sydney student number and email, and select the option that says “Space major (AAM > 75),” and we will then vary your enrolment accordingly. Once complete, we will email you to confirm.

Combined programs in arts and science
If you are enrolling for a combined degree with Science or Arts and Social Sciences, you should choose one subject per semester to contribute towards your major in arts or science. We encourage you to research the majors and rules for enrolment in science or arts before you enrol.

Combined music students
If you are enrolling for a combined degree with music, your first year will comprise mainly music units of study. Please consult the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Handbook for information on your unit choice

Visit CUSP to find the relevant course program and list of units of study for your enrolment.

Studying Project Management

Students undertaking a Bachelor of Project Management will need to choose a stream from Civil Engineering Science, Software or Built Environment when enrolling. Please research these options prior to enrolling.

If you are enrolling in a combined engineering/project management degree, you will need to select a stream of engineering when enrolling. You must have achieved the required ATAR of your selected engineering stream.

Studying Information Technologies

The information technologies degrees have two streams, Computer Science and Information Systems. However, you don’t have to select one of these at enrolment.

If you choose, you can replace the Normal Maths units (MATH100x) with Fundamental Maths units (MATH101x).

If you are enrolling in the Bachelor of Computer Science or the Bachelor of Information Technology, you will have two free elective subjects in Year 1 (one per semester).

Visit CUSP to find the course program and list of units of study for your enrolment.