Sydney touchdown for Airbus Vice President

Charles Champion

Internationally renowned aerospace technologist Charles Champion, Engineering vice-president of the world's largest aircraft manufacturer Airbus, will address University of Sydney aerospace academics and students on initiatives for a smarter, more environmentally friendly aviation future.

David Cox, Chief Operating Officer, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies says:

"In his role as Vice-president, Charles is responsible for the Airbus' technology strategy for new products and improvements to current products. He also plays a leadership role in clean energy initiatives such as Clean Skies in Europe".

"He will provide a private briefing to University of Sydney Engineering faculty members from our areas of research strength in aerospace, mechatronics, clean energy and materials."

"This is a terrific opportunity for our researchers to hear firsthand about future requirements in areas as diverse as novel materials, smarter means of control and zero carbon propulsion systems".

Tonight Champion will deliver the Royal Aeronautical Society's 2012 Sir Charles Kingsford Smith Lecture offering his expert knowledge on what changes are on the horizon for global aviation.

The question he poses is "where will air travel be in forty or fifty year's time – will it be significantly different to today's modes of flight".

Champion will also highlight the findings of a two-year global survey that assessed what passengers want from flying in the future.

The results Champion says underscore a desire for more sustainable operations, as well as less stressful flights for passengers.

He says 63 per cent of survey respondents said they will fly more by 2050, so the future looks bright and busy for the aviation industry.

In his role as Airbus Executive Vice President Engineering Champion is responsible for research and technology, overall product architecture and concept development, the design office, integration and flight-testing and continued product airworthiness.