The sky's no limit for cloud computing expert,
awarded prestigious ARC grant

9 July 2015

The sky

The sky's no limit for cloud computing expert, awarded prestigious ARC grant

University of Sydney Cloud computing expert Professor Albert Zomaya has been awarded a prestigious Australian Research Council Linkage Project grant.

Professor Zomaya whose work was recently highlighted in the International Innovation journal, will work with industry partner Jemena Electricity Networks (VIC) to design, implement, and integrate solutions to improve resource use of private cloud data centres (CDCs).

“The market has an expectation that cloud data centres will have a guaranteed performance that optimises resource usage at a minimum cost. But this expectation is not without technical challenges,” says Zomaya, the Chair Professor of High Performance Computing and Networking at the University.

“These technical challenges must be tackled to efficiently provide on-demand resources that meet specific performance requirements of both private and business users,” he says.

“The project will push the applicability of both current techniques and the ones under development at industry-scale CDCs. CDCs exist that are the size of a football field, comprising of complex network of machines and hardware."

“As the need to store data and demand for CDCs increase, so too does their energy consumption. The aim of this project is to have a substantial impact on environmental sustainability by lowering energy consumption and creating greener infrastructure.

“Also economically, it will help make CDCs more sustainable by reducing cloud usage cost for both users and providers," says the professor.

Zomaya’s research team including Dr Javid Taheri from the University’s Centre for Distributed and High Performance Computing and Professor Zahir Tari from Melbourne’s RMIT University will create cloud computing algorithms aimed at make high performance computing networks cheaper and more energy efficient. Zomaya also teaches in the University’s undergraduate IT program.