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As one of the world's top research universities, our academics and their work regularly feature in news stories and articles in Australia and around the world. This is a collection of some of those articles.

Please note some of the following articles / broadcasts may only be available behind a third party paywall, 4 June 2013
Interactive public displays not being used to full potential, says research
Interactive public information displays and wallflowers have something in common, according to University of Sydney information technologies researchers: they simply sit around hoping someone will notice them. More..

ABC Rural, 11 June 2013
Robotics the next revolution in Agriculture
Dr Salah Sukkarieh, Professor of Robotics, University of Sydney More..

Packaging news, 5 June 2013
Sydney University, Cardia, team up to develop next generation PPC
Engineers at the University of Sydney have embarked on a project to create the next generation of bioplastics, with an eye to applications ranging from fully recyclable shopping bags to restorative implants in the human body. More..

Newcastle Herald, 29 May 2013
Scientists predict energy transformation
Australia's homes and businesses could be powered by more than 20 different energy sources and technologies by 2050 if CSIRO's Newcastle-based energy scientists' predictions are correct. More..

NBS News, 26 May 2013
Robots, drones tested to help Australians with farming
Moving carefully along a row of apple trees, two of Australia's newest agricultural workers check if the fruit is ripe or the soil needs water or fertilizer. More..

Australasian Food News, 6 May 2013
Diabetes management app by Australian uni students wins Microsoft Asian award
Three information technology students from the University of Sydney have won the Microsoft Asian Cup with their BlueClover mobile phone app, which is designed to help diabetics manage their condition. More..

Australasian Science Magazine, 29 April 2013
Pioneering reconfigurable computing paper recognised
A paper authored by University of Sydney Associate Professor Philip Leong has been recognised as one of the most significant research works in the field of reconfigurable computing. More..

Sydney Morning Herald, 14 April 2013
Distorted world view: how computers are doing our thinking for us
Algorithms are dictating much of what we are shown on the internet - but is this a good thing? Ben Grubb delves into the secret world to find out. More..

Sunshine Daily Coast, 7 April 2013
Using technology to boost mental health of Gen-Ys
University of Sydney researchers are harnessing advances in online technology to develop innovative programs improving mental health in young people. More..

Australasian Science Magazine, April 2013
The Pace of Technology by Ron Johnston
The common impression of an increase in technology has been due to the sheer volume of new technologies released, but now the pace of the technology life cycle is about to catch up. More..

The Conversation, 27 March 2013
Not just for war: how drones can be used for good
With all forms of technology, its value depends on its use and who is using it. And so it is with drones, which over the past 10 years have enjoyed an ever-growing presence in civilian applications. More..

Sydney Morning Herald, 26 March 2013
Start-ups swimming in venture capital
Seed funding for tech companies is plentiful right now, writes Asher Moses. More..

The Conversation, 26 March 2013
We could be superheroes: the era of positive computing
Digital technologies have made their way into all aspects of our lives that influence our wellbeing - affecting everything from social relationships and curiosity to engagement and learning. More..

ABC News, 10 February 2013
New robots to give farmers a hand on the land
Australian scientists develop a range of smarter, cheaper robots to make life on the land a little easier. More..

ABC RadioNational, 2 February 2013
Carbon Nanotubes - Investigating Bonds for Additional Strength and Wider Applications
A carbon nanotube is similar to a miniature version of chicken wire. The carbon atoms link and form a cylinder. These nanotubes have interesting properties and a wide range of applications. Despite their individual immense strength, the tubes slip and slide amongst each other. Kate McDonell describes her work investigating the bonds between nanotubes, and the effects of electron irradiation. More..

The Australian Financial Review, 18 January 2013
Budding Indigenous engineers visit Sydney Uni
Anthony Solomon and Paul Murde both grew up near the Torres Strait fiddling with engines. After spending a week at the Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer School at the University of Sydney, both boys now want to become mechanical engineers. More..

Sydney Morning Herald, 17 January 2013
Rocket science takes off as universities battle for the brainy
A Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronic) (Space) at the University of Sydney had the highest Australian Tertiary Admission Rank cut-off of any of the degrees in the main round of offers, which were released to students on Wednesday night. More..

SBS, 23 December 2012
Breaking through the wall of Chinese language
Accessing information locked in Chinese-language documents is virtually impossible if you don't speak the language, but the process could become much easier with new technology developed in Australia. More..

Sydney Morning Herald, 19 November 2012
Schools urged to get with the program
His website put the world in a spin by allowing companies to hawk professional jobs from architecture to copywriting to the lowest bidders around the world. Now entrepreneur Matt Barrie thinks it's high time the Australian secondary school technology curriculum receives a similar seismic shake-up. More..

The Conversation, 13 November 2012
Big Data poses big questions, so how do we answer them?
In recent years we’ve seen an explosion in the number of sensors and embedded computer devices being used by consumers and in a range of industries. More..

The Age, 5 November 2012
Talking to the fridge ... and the vacuum cleaner
Take a walk into tomorrow's dream home. Having recognised your face, the front door swings open automatically. "Welcome home!" greets a disembodied voice. "Had a pleasant day?" More..

The Australian, 23 October 2012
John Grill hands University of Sydney $20 million
It took John Grill a split second to say a final yes to giving the University of Sydney a record breaking personal gift of $20 million, but the agreement to do so was 18 months in the making. More..

The Australian, 23 May 2012
Engineers slowly bridge gender gap
LAST week 92 women graduated in engineering at the University of Sydney – about 20 per cent of the total – and by year's end it's expected another 30 to 40 will do the same. Last year it was about 100 across both graduations. More..

The Australian Financial Review, 10 May 2012
Share trading doesn't quite compute yet
Accurate analysis of market sentiment might be the holy grail of investing. Imagine if you could write an algorithm to trawl newspaper articles, annual reports, research notes, chief executives' speeches and comments on Twitter to form a view on the market's feelings about a particular stock. More...

ABC Radio National, 29 April 2012
Digital Classrooms and Computer Coding
Technology plays a central role in the modern classroom. But what are the pros and cons of ditching the chalk and going digital? And do we need to go beyond teaching kids how to use software and get them to learn about the nuts and bolts of computer programming itself? We explore the challenges of using technology in the classroom and pick up on the growing international push for children to rediscover the fun of coding Listen here

ABC Radio Australia, 23 April 2012
Cartilage repair gel for sporting injuries
Plans to fast track the development of a cartilage repair gel will be welcomed by those footballers, cricketers, runners and other athletes who are living with debilitating sports injuries Listen now...

ABC Radio Austrlaia, 10 April 2012
Aquatic Robot Sirius audits the health of Ningaloo Reef
Sirius is an aquatic robot developed by University of Sydney 'mechatronic' experts and five years on scientists have returned to Ningaloo Reef to plunge its watery depths to review its changes. More...

NICTA, 8 March 2012
NICTA leads $5M geothermal 'big data' analytics initiative
NICTA is leading a multi-million dollar ICT-enabled geothermal energy initiative announced by the Australian Centre for Renewable Energy (ACRE) today. NICTA's robust research capabilities in machine learning and in the increasingly significant area of big data analytics will be used to locate geothermal energy sources deep beneath the surface of the Earth. More...

ARNnet, 27 January 2012
Rethink your approach to Cloud after Megaupload: University of Sydney
The shuttering of, the online storage site that became the home a variety of digital content, has demonstrated the importance of backing up content to multiple sources, according to University of Sydney. More...

Sydney Morning Herald, 27 November 2011
About wheel, you dummies!
A GROUP of terrorists has been transported from Sydney to the United States where American marines will be allowed to take pot shots at them with live ammunition. More...

PACE, 29 August 2011
Optimisation of a coal-fired power plant wins award
University of Sydney student Rajab Khalilpour wins the top award for his project focusing on the simulation and optimisation of a coal-fired power plant using a solvent-based post-combustion carbon capture process.. More...

Electronics News, 10 August 2011
Robotics research boost with South American visit by USYD researchers
A DELEGATION from the University of Sydney is visiting Chile and Brazil to strengthen the university’s photonics and robotics research partnerships in the region. More...