student profile: Mr Bo Liu


Thesis work

Thesis title: Integrated Microwave Photonics Signal Processing

Supervisors: Linh NGUYEN, Simon RINGER , Xiaoke YI

Thesis abstract:

Microwave photonics signal processing refers to the use of photonic techniques and structures in optically extracting, modifying and manipulating microwave signals, particularly high bandwidth signals. In contrast to existing electronic signal processors, photonic signal processors offer significant advantages such as large time-bandwidth product, high speed, low insertion loss, light weight and immunity to electromagnetic interference. These features help overcome the inherent electronic bottlenecks caused by limited sampling speeds in conventional electrical signal processors. They enable high speed and high capability signal processing functions in the optical domain and open up the possibility of meeting the increasing demand for flexible wideband wireless communications and high performance radar systems.

One of the fundamental problems with photonic RF signal processor based on discrete components is that they tend to be bulky and are not capable of integration. Currently, there is a strong drive to realize on-chip photonic signal processors based on silicon platform due to the CMOS-compatible fabrication technology that can provide a more cost effective, robust and compact solution for wide ranging applications. The advent of integration using silicon photonics has further spurred efforts to realise signal processing subsystems that feature compact size and low weight. The proposed project will investigate on silicon based nanoscale devices to achieve various integrated microwave photonic signal processing techniques on chip that is capable of operating over a wideband range and at high RF frequencies to millimeter waves for advanced and intelligent microwave photonics.

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