student profile: Mr Jisu Jung


Thesis work

Thesis title: Harnessing and creating new technology to gain understanding of young adults nutrition and to support behavior change

Supervisors: Judy KAY , Bob KUMMERFELD

Thesis abstract:

As smartphones become integrated into our lives, it is timely to gain understanding of how to harness them for a small, important personal task which is for improving young adults nutrition. The research explores new interfaces that harness the mobile phone lockscreen, mobile apps and worn cameras. The driving need for this work is to advance our understanding of young adult’s nutrition. Our technology aims to make it possible to capture a new level of rich data about food intake, including the outlets where young adults buy food, when they buy and eat it, with whom and the detailed nutritional composition and overall contribution to diet of these foods. The knowledge gained will form the evidence-base for formulation of policy and electronic and mobile-health promotion to reverse the problem of young adults gaining more weight than any other group in Australia.

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