Practical Experience

Practical experience is mandatory for students in the Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Professional Engineering courses.

You will not be eligible to graduate until you have met the requirements of ENGG4000 Practical Experience or ENGG5217 Practical Experience:

  • completed an approved 12 week practical experience placement or equivalent components (see below)
  • submitted and passed a written report(s) on your experience
  • students who successfully complete a MIPPS program as part of their Engineering degree enrolment are exempt from ENGG4000 Practical Experience and ENGG5217 Practical Experience.

Completion of the practical experience unit of study is based on the accumulation of 12 points.

Getting started...

Download and read the ENGG4000/ENGG5217 Practical Experience Information Pack

Practical Experience Information and Forms

Pathway Options...


12 weeks of Practical Experience = 12 points

The equivalent of 12 full time weeks of approved practical work experience and a written report will net you the full 12 points.


4 weeks of Practical Experience = 6 points

A minimum of 4 weeks of approved practical experience and a written report will earn you 6 points. Additional weeks earn points as follows: 7 weeks = 7 points, 8 weeks = 8 points, 9 weeks = 9 points, 10 weeks = 10 points, 11 weeks = 11 points, 12 weeks = 12 points.

PLUS any of the following to equal 12 points...

Attendance at a Professional Development event = 2 points

Attendance or participation at an approved conference, seminar, workshop or professional development event and a written report will earn 2 points each with a maximum of 3 points.

Industry based courses within degree studies = 4 points

Approved units of study (with a passing grade) and a written report earn 4 points each with a maximum of 6 points.

Approved units of study:

  1. AERO3465 Aerospace Technology 2
  2. CHNG 4802 Chemical Engineering Design A
  3. CHNG 4806 Chemical Engineering Design B

Site Visits = 2 points

Approved site visits will earn two points each with a maximum of 3 points.

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