Finding Practical Experience

Finding practical experience employment will take some time and effort on your part. Here are some suggestions:

  • a good place to start your search is the Engineering Sydney website which lists companies who have expressed an interest in offering vacation placements.
  • log in regularly to the Engineering and IT Electronic Noticeboard. Current positions and opportunities are posted here.
  • sign up with Sydney Talent.
  • speak with the practical experience contact person in your School (check with the School Administration office).
  • use your own contacts and networks.
  • contact the Careers Centre if you need help getting your resume into shape or brushing up your job interview skills.
  • if you are an International Student you are able to complete approved practical experience in your home country.

Once you have found practical experience...

  • complete the Practical Experience Form with the details of your employment.
  • have your industry supervisor complete the relevant section and sign the form to confirm you have been offered employment.
  • you must return your completed form to the Faculty Office before you commence your placement in order to be covered by the University’s insurance. If your form is incomplete in any way, you may not be covered.
  • The Faculty Office will arrange for academic approval of your placement and will confirm academic approval by email.
  • you should ensure that you are enrolled in ENGG5217 or ENGG4000 Practical Experience. For postgradaute students, you must have completed 48 credit points from the Year Two table to be eligible to enrol in ENGG5217. For undergraduate students, you must have completed 30 credit points of 3000 level units to be eligible to enrol in ENGG4000.

A quick note on insurance...

  • if you undertake unpaid practical experience in Australia or another country and you are not an employee or worker of the organisation for the purposes of Worker’s Compensation legislation, the University provides insurance cover including public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance and personal accident insurance. You may provide the organisation with a letter containing the insurance details.
  • if you are being paid by the company for your placement, then you are not covered by the university’s insurance policy and should be covered by the company’s policy.

During your empolyment you need to...

At the end of your employment period...

  • when you have completed your employment hours you should have your industry supervisor sign the Practical Experience Certificate and submit it with your report.
  • write and submit your report with your log and the relevant forms - see the Information Pack for the report guidelines.
  • the report is due six weeks after your period of employment has been completed
  • submit your report directly to the Faculty Office, Level 3, PNR Building J02