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What is Propel?

Are you a high school student interested in engineering, computing, maths or science? If so, then why not learn more about studying at the University of Sydney by joining us on campus at one of over 20 outreach activities!

Our Propel initiative allows you to get hands-on and learn about programming, robotics, project management, technology and engineering, all while having lots of fun.

By simply participating in four activities while you're still in high school you will be eligible for a $2000 scholarship to study abroad once you begin your engineering, computing or project management degree with us.

Here are just some of the upcoming on-campus activities that you can enjoy:

3-5 July: Explore Engineering Workshop

Explore how you can apply maths and science to everyday life and discover more about the range of disciplines and careers available in engineering. Over three-days, you will participate in hands-on activities, meet current engineers and engineering students and have the chance to solve a real-life engineering problem!

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13-14 July: Project Management Winter Camp

Gain a head start in project management while also having the chance to visit Google! This two-day workshop designed for students in Years 10, 11 and 12 will give you the opportunity to tackle real-life projects while learning about managing resources, people, risk and budgets, and a possible visit to Google to hear about their projects and see them happening in action!

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July and November Engineering work experience

This program is designed specifically for Year 10 students to complete during their designated work experience week. Take the chance to team up with either an academic or PhD candidate and work together on a project that will allow you unprecedented access to the field of engineering and technology.

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For further information about these and all our upcoming on-campus events, including how to apply, please visit this page!