About us

Our research covers broad biomedical engineering and technology fields such as image processing and data management, image visualisation and analysis, bioinformatics and data mining, medical devices and networking, biomaterials and regenerative tissue engineering.

The Institute will significantly support, complement and enhance other fundamental life sciences and clinical research undertaken at the University, in particular at the Charles Perkins Centre, as well as biological and medical research into other significant diseases including cancer and dementia.

The Institute's mission is to:

  • Facilitate and encourage collaborative research excellence in the area of BMET
  • Build critical mass to enable researchers to tackle issues of global importance
  • Undertake highly innovative and potentially transformational research at the international standing
  • Lead to a significant advancement of capabilities and knowledge in this field
  • Serve the wider community as a valuable point of interaction between society, industry, hospitals and governments.

We aim to do this by:

  • linking existing research strengths and building critical mass whilst introducing a new capacity for interdisciplinary, collaborative approaches that address the most challenging and significant research problems in life science, clinical medicine and healthcare services
  • developing relationships and establishing new networks with major national and international centres and research programs to help strengthen research, achieve global competitiveness and gain recognition for Australian research in this highly interdisciplinary field
  • increasing Australia's human capacity in a range of research areas by attracting and retaining, from within Australia and abroad, researchers of high international standing as well as the most promising research students
  • providing postgraduate and postdoctoral training environments for the next generation of researchers that is on par with the highest international standard
  • offering Australian researchers opportunities to work on large-scale problems in life science research, clinical medicine and healthcare using innovative engineering and IT approaches over long time periods