Clean intelligent energy networks

Widespread use of fossil fuels has given rise to significant economic growth and brought prosperity to many nations, Australia in particular. As they continue to be depleted and their use restricted due to environmental impacts, future generations will rely on cleaner sources of energy. The development of affordable clean energy systems will therefore be one of the major engineering challenges of the next decade.

The University of Sydney’s Clean Intelligent Energy Networks Research Group has been established to build on existing faculty activities in the area of clean energy development as well as to provide support to researchers from other disciplines working in this field. The group aims to strengthen strategic partnerships with other leading research institutions, bringing together researchers from around the world to advance knowledge in this important field.

Areas of research

Our areas of ongoing research include:

  • carbon capture and storage
  • clean combustion
  • energy storage
  • green data centres
  • power conditioning
  • smart grids
  • solar thermal use
  • transport biofuels.

Working with Industry

The Clean Intelligent Energy Networks Research Group is also committed to working closely with industry. Many leading Australian companies support several of our chairs, centres and laboratories in this area including:

  • ABB Technology Centre
  • Ausgrid Chair in Electrical Engineering
  • Delta Electricity Chair in Sustainable Energy Development
  • Sir William Tyree Laboratory in Power Engineering.

Join us in engineering a better future through the development of sustainable clean energy solutions.