Our People

Our researchers make significant contributions to the development of knowledge in the fields of engineering science and applied technologies. Three have been elected fellows of the Royal Society, and many others have been recognised with a range of other prestigious international awards and appointments.

Below are some of our strongest performers in the field of clean energy development.

Professor Joe Dong

Director, Clean Intelligent Energy Networks Research Group;
Head of School, School of Electrical & Information Engineering

Professor Dong is expert in power engineering including smart grids. He was Ausgrid Chair for intelligent electricity networks, a listed expert with EPRI, USA. He is an editor for several top journals including IEEE PES Transactions Letters. He also worked as system planning manager with a transmission network service provider in Australia. Professor Dong has strong track record in research and industrial practices. He has been leading large research teams at universities in power engineering and smart grid areas. He has over 11 ARC grants, 9 EPRI, USA grants, and a key investigator for CSIRO's $13m Future Grid Cluster project. He has over 360 publications. Professor Dong has been working closely with the industry partners nationally and internationally. He has projects with most of the transmission network service providers in Australia; he directly leads projects under Smart Grid, Smart City project with Ausgrid. He also works closely with the Australian Energy Market Operator.

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Professor Anthony Vassallo

Delta Electricity Chair in Sustainable Energy Development, School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering;
Director, Centre for Sustainable Energy Development;
President, Australian Institute of Energy

Professor Vassallo's main research focus is on energy storage and its role in facilitating sustainable energy use. Energy storage is currently an expensive technology, and research is needed to find cheaper ways of storing energy. Professor Vassallo's research is helping to meet this challenge by looking at potentially very low-cost flow-battery systems that could, if produced at scale, provide electricity storage for a few cents per kWh. Professor Vassallo is also working on projects that aim to increase solar thermal energy use for heating, cooling and power generation, as well as on cogeneration and modelling of the potential effects on energy supply and use of the expected uptake of electric vehicles.

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Professor Albert Zomaya

Chair Professor of High-performance Computing and Networking;
Australian Research Council Professorial Fellow, School of Information Technologies;
Director, Centre for Distributed and High Performance Computing

Professor Zomaya's research covers the areas of high-performance computing and distributed systems. His most recent work deals with the development of energy-efficient data centres and cloud computing environments. Professor Zomaya is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and a Distinguished Engineer of the Association for Computing Machinery.

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Professor Assaad R Masri

Australian Research Council–Australian Professorial Fellow, School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering;
Chairman, Australia and New Zealand section, Combustion Institute

Professor Masri's research lies within the broad area of efficient energy conversion. He is internationally known as a leading scientist in turbulent combustion of gaseous and liquid fuels and laser diagnostics in combustion, and has established one of the most advanced combustion laser diagnostics systems in the world. His current areas of research include combustion of biofuels, ignition and extinction issues in sprays, explosion and industrial safety, oxyfuels and microcombustion. Professor Masri is a member of the editorial board of three prestigious journals and a founding member of the International Workshop on Measurement and Computation of Turbulent Nonpremixed Flames and of the International Workshop on Turbulent Combustion of Sprays. He has published more than 150 papers and attracted more than $8 million in research funding.

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Professor David Hill

Ausgrid Chair of Electrical Engineering, School of Electrical and Information Engineering;
Australian Research Council Professorial Fellow;
Director, Centre in Intelligent Electricity Networks

Professor Hill is a specialist in electrical power systems, control and networks – areas that come together (along with communications and computing) in the design of so-called ‘smart grids’. He leads research in a range of areas including power electronics and systems and fundamentals of future grids (e.g. carbon-limited power). The Centre in Intelligent Electricity Networks, of which he is director, is supported by Ausgrid and the Australian Research Council to carry out research on smart grids and related problems in general cyber-physical systems.

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Professor Branka Vucetic

Professor Branka Vucetic

Director of the Telecommunications Laboratory
School of Electrical and Information Engineering

Professor Branka Vucetic's work aims to design wireless communication devices with high coverage and data rates. She is an internationally recognized expert in coding theory and its applications in wireless engineering. Professor Vucetic has held various research and academic positions in the UK, Yugoslavia and Australia, and since 1986 she has been with the School of Electrical and Information Engineering at Sydney University, where she is is currently a Professor in Telecommunications and the Director of the Telecommunications Laboratory.

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Professor Robert Minasian

Professor Robert Minassian Director of Fibre-optics and Photonics Laboratory
School of Electrical & Information Engineering

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Professor Abbas Jamalipour

Professor Abbas Jamalipour Professor of Ubiquitous Mobile Networking
School of Electrical and Information Engineering

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Professor Yonghui Li

Professor Yonghui Li ARC Future Fellow
School of Electrical and Information Engineering

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Associate Professor Yi Xiaoke

Associate Professor Xiaoke Yi QEII Fellow
Institute of Photonics and Optical Science
School of Electrical and Information Engineering

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Additional Research Group Members