Robotics involves the development of automated systems to perform tasks that are unsafe, inefficient or difficult for humans to perform. It therefore has the potential to vastly improve productivity, efficiency and safety in a wide range of contexts.

This important research theme brings together expert researchers from a range of disciplines across a number of universities and industry to address fundamental research issues within the field of autonomous systems and field robotics applications, particularly in industrial environments.

The Australian Centre for Field Robotics is dedicated to the scientific advancement and uptake of autonomous and intelligent robots for operation in outdoor environments. It is one of the largest robotics research institutes in the world and has been instrumental in developing breakthrough technologies and in conducting world-leading research and development of field robotics principles and systems.

It has already produced a wide range of successful applications in areas including cargo handling, mining, aerospace and defence. Its work in mining has attracted particular attention, due to its potential to make Australia's multibillion-dollar mining industry safer and more efficient. Other applications of the cluster's research are improvement of both industrial and domestic safety and efficiency on a global scale.

Our robotics research has received a number of awards and prizes, as well as significant research funding in recognition of the importance and quality of our work.