Special Consideration

New procedures governing how you apply for special consideration will come into effect at the beginning of Semester 1 2016. Updated instructions for the new procedures will appear soon. The instructions below refer to any student in a summer school unit, up to beginning of Semester 1 on 29 February 2016.

Special consideration is governed by the Part 14 of the Coursework Policy and the Assessment Procedures.

Special Consideration is a process that affords equal opportunity to students who have experienced circumstances that adversely impact their ability to complete an assessment task. Students who are granted Special Consideration will nonetheless be required to demonstrate achievement of designated learning outcomes.

Long term and serious issues: If you have a serious or long term illness or misadventure that affects your performance over an extended period, you must inform us as soon as possible, and not wait till after the exam, or very late in the semester. In such cases, a DC - discontinue not fail (DNF) is an option we may consider.

It is academic dishonesty to obtain and submit a medical certificate and/or a special consideration form that misrepresents the nature or extent of any illness or misadventure.

How to apply (new instructions will apply for Semester 1 2016 onwards)

  1. Complete the PDF Special Consideration Application Form. Appropriate evidence (eg doctor's certificate or police statement or statutory declaration etc) is usually required.
  2. Applications are to be submitted no later than 5 working days after the assessment/illness/misadventure date in question. If you are submitting an application late after 5 working days you are required to give an explanation as to why you were unable to submit on time - evidence may be required in such cases.
  3. For Engineering units of study, submit the application at the Engineering & IT Faculty Office. If you are unable to attend the office in person you may fax/scane/email documentation, though you will be required to provide originals.
  4. For non-engineering units of study, you must apply at the relevant faculty office.
  5. Students will be notified of the decision via email to their student email account usually within 14 days. Students should check their emails regularly as this notification will include details of any replacement assessment (if appropriate).

Forms of Special Consideration

In accordance with the Coursework Policy & the Assessment Procedures, three forms of special consideration are generally given:

  • Replacement assessment applies to an examination-based assessment, typically a final examination or major mid-term. Where a successful claim for Special Consideration is made prior to, during or immediately after an assessment (typically an examination), any replacement assessment will be treated by the Faculty as a first attempt and the original attempt at the assessment will be deemed not to have occurred.
  • A student is entitled to apply for further special consideration on a replacement assessment task, however if the process extends for more than 3 weeks then the faculty may not be able to offer a similar task and other options may exist. Please read the Assessment policy & procedures for full details.
  • Reweighting: For a repeating task, such as a weekly quiz, or regular tutorial submission, the marks from the other tasks may be reweighted to account for missing a small task. The non-completion of some minor component of assessment must not compromise the integrity of the assessment, and missing multiple sessions (generally more than one third) generally requires the student to perform alternative assessment.
  • Extension: For a non-exam task such as an assignment, the usual allowance is an extension of the deadline. The requirement to submit an assignment will not usually be waived, and students are usually expected to submit the assignment when the period of illness is over. eg for a 2 day illness just before an assignment is due, you should be assuming that you still have to submit the assignment 2 days after the original due date, and not wait before submitting an application and getting a response before considering submitting the assignment.