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The gaps in international law for climate migrants

31 August 2018

At the end of 2015, the total number of refugees and displaced people in the world reached 65.3 million (Edwards,…


Economic Vision or Environmental Oversight?

03 September 2018

On 30 July the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet released A 20-Year Economic Vision for Regional NSW.1  For someone interested…


Sustainable materialism in practice? Notes from a workshop

11 September 2018

Elizabeth Bomberg reflects on the ‘Sustainable Materialism Workshop’, which examined emerging social movements in sustainability and the shifting nature of…


The Latin American Observatory: Chullachaki’s Chakra and Environmental Education in the Amazon basin

22 August 2018

“These stories are evocative of complex indigenous scientific literacies regarding significant biospheric, riverine or forest ecosystems.” Joni Adamson writes about…