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The Floor of Sydney Harbour Part II

28 November 2018

‘While the animals, plants and geological formations of the floor of Sydney Harbour are constantly under study by scientists, how…


Cities and Climate Change: causes of concern or options for optimism?

03 December 2018

‘When you study the politics of climate change, it is very easy to become cynical and distraught, but we have…


The Change Review

26 November 2018

When I first created a Podcast as part as my capstone project for the Master of Sustainability Program, I was…


Thinking and enacting justice in a multispecies world

19 November 2018

The Multispecies Justice blog series features content from researchers in the FASS Strategic Research Program Project called ‘Developing the field…


Linking discussions of air pollution and climate change vulnerability in NSW

08 November 2018

Climate change and air pollution go hand in hand, and yet they are largely separated in climate change policy development…


Water security at a crossroads

23 November 2018

One of the most significant challenges in the 21st century is water security. Even though the Earth is covered by…