About us

The Sydney Environment Institute is a world leader in multidisciplinary environmental research.

We are designed to play a key role at the University of Sydney for the environmental humanities and social sciences in understanding, confronting, and transforming responses to environmental crises.

The key premise of the SEI is the importance of engaging social, cultural, historical, political and economic barriers and understandings. We recognise these to be a fundamental element of dealing effectively and justly with the massive transformations in our relationship with the planet.

This makes multi- and transdisciplinary research a necessity.

At the Sydney Environment Institute, we:

Identify matters of critical environmental concern, and engage with them – through collaborative projects designed for real impact

Cross the disciplinary boundaries – to ask new questions, develop new methods, and generate new forms of knowledge and awareness among the arts, the humanities, and the natural, social, and technological sciences

Build flourishing working communities – among academics, policymakers, cultural institutions, practicing artists, students, NGOs, and committed citizens 

Support and mentor – ambitious, imaginative, collaborative endeavours by students, scholars, and practitioners, within the university and beyond 

Communicate our work, and invite conversations – with the publics we serve in Sydney, across Australia, throughout the Indo-Pacific, and across the globe 

Impact and affect communities, culture, and policy – with our direct work with partners in community organisations, cultural institutions, and government


Professor David Schlosberg


Department of Government and International Relations

David Schlosberg is Professor of Environmental Politics in the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney, and Director of the Sydney Environment Institute. His work focuses on contemporary environmental and environmental justice movements, environment and everyday life, and climate adaptation planning and policy. He is the author of Defining Environmental Justice (Oxford, 2007); co-author of Climate-Challenged Society (Oxford, 2013); and co-editor of both The Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society (Oxford 2011), and The Oxford Handbook of Environmental Political Theory (Oxford 2016). His latest book, Sustainable Materialism: Environmental Movements and the Politics of Everyday Life, will be published by Oxford this year.

Michelle St Anne

Deputy Director

Michelle St Anne is the Deputy Director the Sydney Environment Institute. She oversees the overall operation of the Institute as well as curates a strategic and dynamic outreach programme. St Anne is responsible for both internal and external engagement which she finds most rewarding.

She has an eclectic professional background from retail, hospitality and events to conference producing and office management where she ran a US fund management office here in Sydney.

Outside of SEI, Michelle is the Artistic Director and founder of the award winning Sydney based theatre company ‘The Living Room Theatre’. She has produced and written over 21 ambitious new works which has had seasons in Sydney and Melbourne. In 2018 she became an Honorary Associate with the School of Theatre and Performance Studies, School of Literature, Art and Media, The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, at the University of Sydney.

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