Born as an Environmental Humanities and Social Science Network, we have become much more. At the Sydney Environment Institute, we:

  • identify matters of critical environmental concern, and engage them – through creative, collaborative projects
  • build flourishing working communities – among academics, policymakers, cultural institutions, practicing artists, students, NGOs, and committed citizens
  • cross disciplinary boundaries – to ask new questions, develop new methods, and generate new forms of knowledge and awareness among the arts, the humanities, and the natural, social, and technological sciences
  • support and mentor – ambitious, imaginative endeavours by students, scholars, and practitioners, within the university and beyond
  • communicate our work, and invite conversations – with the publics we serve in Sydney, across Australia, throughout the Indo-Pacific, and across the globe

“FASS has strong engagement with SEI, bringing to bear critical insights from diverse disciplines such as anthropology, economics, gender studies, history, philosophy in order to rethink the humanist values that have traditionally underpinned nature/culture formulations.”

-Annamarie Jagose, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences