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Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Pacific Island Forum

19 August 2019

Rosemary Lyster on the Australian Government’s “pathological, ideological opposition” to stepping up to the realities of climate change. Rob Harris…


Closure for Whom? When 10,000 Years Isn’t Enough

31 October 2019

PhD researcher Gemma Viney reflects on the September 26 event Mining Legacies, which brought together a panel of experts in collaboration…


Living Lab: Thinking Outside the HexBox

21 October 2019

Eduardo De Oliveira Barata from the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning talks with SEI Editor Liberty Lawson about computational…


Australia’s Energy (In)Security and the Proposed Drilling in the Great Australian Bight

20 May 2019

Australia has earnt the title of the biggest exporter of LNG in the world, and yet we are currently experiencing…