Wilderness, Extinction and Rewilding: Rethinking Human Engagements with Nature

Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 August 2017

This event has passed


University of Sydney



University of Bonn

How are approaches to protecting wilderness, halting extinctions, and rewilding coping with unprecedented environmental change?

The Sydney Environment Institute and colleagues from the University of Bonn in Germany will hold a joint workshop at the University of Sydney on 21-22 August 2017. Broadly, we propose to discuss the challenging new ideas and forms of human engagement with nature that have emerged on our planet in recent times.

In particular, we will explore how approaches to protecting wilderness, halting animal and plant extinctions, and the rewilding of damaged environments are coping with the impacts of the unprecedented environmental changes of Anthropocene climate change, political-economic inequality, and urban spread.  As well, we will examine case-studies of policies and remedies within both the southern and northern hemispheres that are currently being advanced or implemented to meet these challenges.

Workshop at capacity – registrations closed.