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Maricultures Environmental Research

Our aim is to offer new perspectives on the environmental problems associated with the depletion of global fish populations.

Maricultures Environmental Research is the node of the Sydney Environment Institute dedicated to multidisciplinary research on the culture and nature of the oceans, particularly in regard to fisheries.

We bring together scholars from the humanities and social sciences and the marine sciences to reflect on and intervene in the pressing issues facing the sea and its inhabitants including the humans that live on and with the marine.

The Changing Coastlines Symposium to being held in November 2013 will mark the inauguration of our research node, and demonstrates our far-reaching interests: from a reconsideration of the oyster to the scientific, social and cultural investigation of the impacts of changing coastal baselines.

We will continue to bring people together from very different backgrounds to interrogate marine and maritime cultures in Australia and overseas.

Flickr Commons: "Fish Market"_Takeshi Igarashi

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