Sydney Environment Institute

Underwater Realms

A second major collaboration-in-progress, ‘The Underwater Realms Project’, has been developed with humanities and science colleagues at the Universities of Sydney, Stanford and Vanderbilt. We have held conferences and workshops both at Sydney University and Stanford, and conducted research expeditions to the University of Queensland’s Heron Island Marine Research Centre and the University of Sydney’s One Tree Island Marine Research Centre. We are researching a book of essays exploring the multi-faceted impacts of human underwater explorations and imaginings on western culture from the early modern period to the present. In August 2016 a new expedition of scholars from Vanderbilt University under the leadership of Professor Jonathan Lamb and Dr Alistair Sponsel will participate in a Coral Reef symposium at the University of Sydney and then undertake field-work expeditions to Heron Island and One Tree Island as part of Vanderbilt-University of Sydney project on ‘Coral Reefs: From Threatening to Threatened’.

Photo - Flickr Commons: Paul Toogood