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Unwrapping Plastic Free July

08 August 2018

This July, the team at the Sydney Environment Institute participated in the Plastic Free July Challenge, and while it was…


Introducing the HfE Observatories Blog Series

11 July 2018

The HfE blog series will feature news about the researchers and projects of the Humanities for the Environment international network…


A Very Queer Nature: On Queer Ecologies, Gardens, and Flourishing Multispecies Practices

10 July 2018

SEI Key Researcher Astrida Neimanis recently caught up with Cate Sandilands to discuss how the field of queer ecologies continues to…


Military Afterlives at the Bottom of the Sea

06 June 2018

“Our fragile ocean ecologies are often at the front of my mind. So unsurprisingly, learning about these weapons dumps troubled…


Reflecting on ‘Indigenous Sustainability Practices and Processes’

03 July 2018

“Sustainability practices and processes entangle culture through traditional foods. With access to country and maintenance of customary economies, there are…


Representing plastic

23 July 2018

Suddenly, it’s all about plastic. Every day brings news of the latest piece of the plastic fortress crumbling: The Queen…