SEI News: Calling University of Sydney Honours, Masters & PhD Students to write for our New Student Blog Series

'University of Sydney' by Tina Reynolds, via Flickr Commons

We are asking Honours, Masters and PhD students at the University of Sydney who are interested in environmental issues to contact us about writing for our new student blog series. The series will feature original content by students who wish to discuss environmental issues and contribute to the current debate on climate change or other pressing environmental problems.

In 2017, we began a student blog series, which featured blogs written by Masters of Sustainability students here at the University of Sydney. The series successfully explored many interesting ideas on sustainability issues and solutions. Based on this success, we wish to provide an ongoing platform for student blogs and we need your help to do it.

We want to hear your unique perspectives on our most pressing environmental issues, from climate change to human/non-human relations, environment and culture, sustainability, food security, or environmental and climate justice.

As a cross-disciplinary research Institute, we at SEI aim to broaden and develop public discourse on climate change and other significant environmental issues. In staying true to our multidisciplinary approach to addressing environmental issues, we welcome students in any degree, majors, and disciplines at the University of Sydney to contact us.


  • You must be an Honours, Masters or PhD student: Our goal for this series is to highlight the research and initiatives by environmentally conscious students. Students undertaking both Masters by coursework or research are welcome to apply.
  • You must be a student at the University of Sydney: We are ONLY looking for students from the University of Sydney who are currently researching or plan to research environmental topics or issues. Post-docs, alumni, and students who are soon to graduate or are also welcome to apply.
  • Submissions must fit within at least one of our key research areas: Although our Institute focuses on a diverse range of environmental issues and topics, submissions will need to fit within at least one of our key research areas: Resilience, Adaptation & Transition; Oceans; Culture & Loss; Food Systems; Sustainable Materialism; and Justice. Follow the links find out more about our research areas and projects.

Why write for us?    

  • Have your writing published and build a positive and professional online profile.
  • Develop your writing skills for a new context.
  • Join our network of young researchers.
  • Share your knowledge and passion for the environment and inspire others to get involved and make positive changes.
  • Engage in public discourse on environmental issues.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in the opportunity to write for SEI and be published on our website, please email our content editor Liberty [], with the subject heading ‘Expression of Interest in SEI’s Student Blog Series’. Your email should include:

  • Details on the main environmental issue(s) you are interested in.
  • Mention of your degree, major(s), faculty, and year level.
  • An attached CV, with details on your academic/non-academic achievements.
  • Information on any environmental campaigning or volunteering you have been involved in.
  • A writing sample of no more than 600 words. This can include an extract from a past essay. Please note that your writing sample DOES NOT need to be on an environmental topic, and it will simply be used to gauge writing style.

There is no need to pitch content ideas at this stage. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted with further information and guidelines.