SEI News: Professor Tom Griffiths & ‘Radical histories for uncanny times’

On Thursday 15 February 2018, Professor Tom Griffiths will be presenting the first lecture in the upcoming HumanNature Lecture Series. In preparation for the lecture, get to know about Tom and his research.

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Professor Tom Griffiths starts off the HumanNature Lecture Series with ‘Radical histories for uncanny times’. His lecture will explore the historian’s craft and its central importance in our current period of profound environmental and social change, and explore how historical imaginings and practices shape our environmental possibilities.

Griffiths is the W.K. Hancock Professor of History and Director of the Centre for Environmental History at the Australian National University. Throughout his career, Griffiths’ environmental humanities research has explored issues of environmental and social change through topics such as Australian social, cultural and environmental history; the comparative environmental history of settler societies; and the history of Antarctica.

Griffiths’ critically acclaimed book Slicing the Silence: Voyaging to Antarctica (UNSW Press and Harvard University Press, 2007) reflects on the history of human experiences in Antarctica. In 2008, he was awarded the Queensland and NSW Premiers’ awards for Non-Fiction, the joint winner of the Prime Minister’s Prize for Australian History and Eureka Prize-winner for Slicing the Silence: Voyaging to Antarctica. For more information on his current research, projects, publications, and teaching click here.

Dr Emily O’Gorman, environmental and cultural historian from Macquarie University and contributor for the HumanNature series, explains that:

“Tom Griffiths is an internationally renowned and multi-award winning cultural and environmental historian. We are thrilled to have him presenting in the HumanNature series. In his lecture, he will unearth and examine the situated approaches of historians to historical sources, their environments, and contemporary politics, which have shaped some of our key historical narratives and current debates.”

SEI is excited to welcome Professor Tom Griffiths for the HumanNature  Lecture Series, which is jointly funded and coordinated by the Australian Museum, the University of New South Wales, Macquarie University, Western Sydney University, and the University of Sydney. The Series will feature leading international scholars in the Environmental Humanities and aims to highlight the key research and developments to come out of the environmental humanities and will feature environmental humanities scholars who are renowned in their fields. Stay tuned for more profiles on Keynote Speakers for in the months to come.

For more details and to purchase tickets for ‘Radical histories for uncanny times’, click here.

Please note that tickets are available to staff and students at the four partner universities at the discounted rate of $8. These tickets must be booked in advance using the discount code: ENVHUM18.