Dr Josh Wodak

Research Affiliate

University of New South Wales

Dr Josh Wodak is a researcher, artist and design educator in the Faculty of Art and Design, UNSW. His work critically engages with cultural and ethical entanglements between environmental engineering and conservation biology as means to mitigate species extinction and biodiversity loss in the Anthropocene.

With anthropogenic climate change constituting an unplanned and unintentional experiment on the biosphere and atmosphere, his work explores the ethics and efficacy of plans to intentionally mitigate human impact on the biosphere, through synthetic biology, and on the atmosphere, through climate engineering. Drawing on the fields of Environmental Humanities and Science and Technology Studies, this work is produced through practice based research in art and museum exhibitions on the Anthropocene.

He is currently an Associate Lecturer, UNSW Art and Design; Deputy Director of the ‘Energies and Environments Research Group’ at the National Institute for Experimental Arts, UNSW; and a Chief Investigator on the ARC Discovery Project ‘Understanding Australia in The Age of Humans: Localising the Anthropocene.’