Recording: Mining Legacies


Mine rehabilitation and mine closure is at first glance much less “spectacular” than the arrival of a new mine – there are rarely protests, blockades, or election promises when it’s time to close a mine. But it is in these apparently mundane spaces we catch a glimpse of the long-term social and environmental impacts of mining.

In this recording, a panel of experts challenge Australia’s current approach to managing mining legacies, embracing ethical, economic, environmental and social perspectives in an exploration of responsible mine closure.


Dr Rebecca Lawrence, Sydney Environment Institute
Associate Professor Gavin Mudd, RMIT University
Mia Pepper, Murdoch University
Dave Sweeney, Australian Conservation Foundation
Charles Roche (Chair), Minerals Policy Institute, Murdoch University

This event was held in partnership with the Mineral Policy Institute and the Australian Conservation Foundation at the University of Sydney on Thursday 26 September, 2019.